Indoor Air Quality in North Richland Hills, TX

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Have us check your Indoor Air Quality

As a company focused on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services, Malcolm's Heating and Air focuses on more than just the systems that keep you comfortable in your own home. For decades, we have provided our clients in North Richland Hills, TX with our indoor air quality testing service that helps them know if the air inside and around their own home is safe to breathe. This service not only shows the quality of your air but also helps set a plan for what we can do for you to make it better. To get the indoor air quality of your Malcolm's Heating and Air in North Richland Hills property tested, call (817) 333-7310 today to schedule your appointment and learn how we can make your home environment healthier for you.

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Indoor air quality services and tests can do a hefty amount for the inside of your home. The reason being is that there are multiple differences in the advantages you gain between when the air quality is bad versus when it is good. The way that is done is because of the service tests for elements in the air such as:

  • Pollution from the outdoors
  • Exhaust from indoor systems
  • Parasites
  • Pesticides
  • Mildew and Mold
  • Effects caused by Rodents
  • Asbestos
  • Dust

When each is found, one of our certified technicians can piece together the causes and affirm them when having in-depth knowledge of your HVAC systems. We then recommend and carry out solutions that improve the systems you already have in order to solve the problem that has been presented. The benefits you would thereby feel from our services could include:

  • An overall increase in comfort inside and around your home
  • Improved energy bills 
  • Better smelling home
  • Fewer absent/sick days
  • Reduces allergies and asthma
  • Overall improved health

When you trust Malcolm's Heating and Air in North Richland Hills, TX you find our services are absolutely reliable. We earn your trust with our professionalism and high caliber craftsmanship. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your indoor air quality by calling (817) 333-7310 today.

Technicians Devoted to HVAC Services

When Malcolm's Heating and Air takes a course of action to improve your overall indoor air quality, we do so with confidence. We have several options at your disposal that allow us to be prepared for each possibility. Much of the time in North Richland Hills, TX, poor indoor air quality is due to degraded filters or annual services in HVAC systems that may have been missed. We are fully prepared for such issues with our preventative maintenance plans that keep your HVAC systems running as they are supposed to without the risk of any sort of adverse effect on your health. 

Furthermore, we offer multiple repair and replacement services to air conditioners as well as heaters. Older models of both have the possibility of running on fuel that may have been toxic to you or would give off fumes that a normal person should not breathe in. If your system does have such effects, we can offer replacement options that can fit in your budget and last your home for years.

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Let us Improve your Indoor Air Quality

Malcolm's Heating and Air is an HVAC service provider in North Richland Hills, TX that has served the community for over thirty years. We offer several services that improve the HVAC systems in your house and subsequently helps the indoor air quality of your Malcolm's Heating and Air in North Richland Hills home. Call (817) 333-7310 today to schedule an appointment and experience how we can help you.