Ductless Mini-Split System Installation

Ductless Mini-Split System InstallationDuctless mini-split air conditioning systems are a great way to cool your home or business. They offer some key benefits over traditional ducted air conditioning systems, and the ease of installation allows for great flexibility to create zones of comfort throughout the space. The petite indoor air-handling units are sleek in appearance and can replace bulky and inefficient window units, space heaters, or electric baseboard heaters. Each unit is coupled with its own thermostat, giving you maximum control over heating and cooling for any given zone. This also means that you can reduce wasted energy by only conditioning air for rooms that are currently in use. To learn more about ductless mini-split system installation for your North Richland Hills, TX home or business, call us for a quote: 817-333-7310!

Benefits of Mini-Split Cooling & Heating Systems

While the idea of a mini-split system may cause some homeowners to cringe, imagining them to look and function like bulky window units, they are actually more similar to a traditional, built-in central cooling system in terms of effectiveness and benefits. In fact, ductless systems offer some additional benefits to ducted A/C systems, so you’re in many ways getting the best of both worlds with a mini-split installation.

Consider this…

  • Avoid energy losses that are common with ductwork (up to 30% per the U.S. Department of Energy!)
  • Easier to install and less invasive to existing structure (since no ductwork is required)
  • Elegant aesthetic design and installation options due to petite size
  • Flexibility of placement to design zones for heating and cooling
  • Units are paired with unique thermostats, allowing full control by zone

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Ductless System Repairs

If you are already well versed in the benefits of a ductless system, but are needing repair or replacement for your mini-split system, we do that too! Because we perform installations, we understand how all the components should be put together and operating. This means that we can take a holistic look at your whole system when performing repairs to ensure that we’re truly addressing any issues and leaving your mini-split in better shape than we found it.

Contact us at 817-333-7310 to discuss ductless mini-split system installation or repair for your North Richland Hills, TX home or business!